1. What is planned in case of bad weather to do our Mount Etna Tour?
In case of bad weather, the Mount Etna tour will be cancelled and we will inform you in the morning, before the beginning of the tour.
We won’t charge any amount, and if you have already made a bank transfer, we will refund you.

2. Is the lunch you offer also suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, the lunch also includes a variety of typical vegetable products of our region Sicily. However, if you are vegetarian, please, let us know at the moment of reservation, so that we can meet your specific needs in a proper way.

3. Do you take the cable car and visit the summit craters at 3.340 mt?
On requests it is possible.

4. Is it necessary to wear particular clothes?
It is necessary to wear trekking or training shoes and socks. Besides this, we suggest that you bring a windproof jacket or coat, because the temperature at that level could be lower.
If you don’t have the required equipment, please let us know at the moment of reservation, so we can try to provide it for you free of charge.

5. Is the trekking on Mount Etna very demanding? Is it also suitable for children?
We propose soft trekking excursions, suitable for all ages and all people who enjoy a good state of health. We provide for free child seat and baby sling.

6. Will you pick me up at my hotel in Taormina or others locations?
Our naturalistic guide will pick you up at your hotel, in Taormina, or in a place we will agree together in order to facilitate the group and not reduce the length of the tour

7. How will I recognize you the day of the excursion?
The day before the excursion on Mount Etna we will contact you in order to let you know the name of the guide and the model and color of the vehicle.