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Need a transfer to the CTA airport, to a specific city in Sicily or to Etna?Etna People and Sicily Day By Day offer transfer services both in private or group formula. efficiency and punctuality guaranteed. 
Besides having all the onboard comforts, such as A/C, we can also provide baby-seats/boosters for children, to enjoy the ride in total safety. 
We can organize your trip to any destination in Sicily on board of comfortable 8-seater vehicles. If you are interested in a particular itinerary, let us know; we will suggest you the best schedule and fulfill your requests at best.

If you are thinking about a transfer from your accommodation to Etna, contact us. In fact, our Free Etna service may be exactly what you are looking for. Our driver will pick you up by your accommodation in Taormina or  in a place close to it and will drive you directly to Etna; you will be able to choose the area and itinerary you prefer.

A few suggestions for transfer services:

Etna Nord 2000 meters

Free time to explore the Etnean area at 2000 meters of altitude, walking among ancient craters and old lava flows. You will decide whether to stop at the Mounts Sartorius and walk along the Bottoniera craters; alternatively whether to explore the 2002 eruption. You will have some free time to admire photos and videos of Mount Etna; you could also stop by a local shop to take a look at the several lava-made creations or grab a bite by a typical mountain hut.

Etna North and South

Free time to visit the two flanks of the Etna, North and South, during the same day. Our drivers will take you to both sides and you will discover the differences between the two areas.

Etna South

Transfer from Taormina to Etna South; there, you can decide to take the cableway and the big 4×4 jeeps (not included in the price) to get to the summit area and take in the breathtaking view of the Catania Bay. In the afternoon, we will drive you to some picturesque villages of the area that we highly recommend visiting.

Vineyards of the Etna

The ancient and narrow stone terraces along the flanks of the volcano bear witness of a long wine-making tradition. In fact, thanks to the recent valorization of the territory and the re-discovered ancient agricultural usages, a lot of these old terraces are being restored and utilized again for wine-making. 
The wines produced in this area, benefiting from the minerals of volcanic soil, are characterized by their unmistakable rich and dense flavour. 
You can choose the winery you want to stop by; there, you will have some free time to walk along the vineyards, taste various  kinds of wine and discover the traditional flavors (vineyard visit and wine tasting not included in the price).

Do not hesitate to contact us to check for availability, suggestions on the itineraries and prices. 

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