Etna wineries private transfer

Would you like to experience an Etna Doc wine tasting in one of the most famous Etna wineries but you are not planning to rent a car while in Sicily? Or, would you like to do a tour to several Etna wineries in a day but you don’t feel like driving in the narrow Sicilian roads? Enjoy the wine tasting without any worries: book a private transfer with us and our professional driver will take care of the drive.

Sicilian Wines are globally known as some of the excellences of the entire country; among them, Etna Wines have special importance, as their taste is definitely one-of-a-kind; a wine tasting in one of these Etna wineries will surely be the highlight of your Sicilian holiday!

Our driver will pick you up by your accommodation or in a place close to it and will drive you directly to the most famous Etna wineries. As you pass by the colourful villages of the Etna, you will see the presence of vegetation and vineyards increase more and more. You will be in the area of Etna all dedicated to the grapevine cultivation thanks to the favourable soil conditions.
Enjoy the view of the narrow ancient stone terraces landscape, used for the grapevine cultivations; this technique bears witnesses of a long wine-making tradition. Thanks to the recent valorization of the territory, promoted by the Etna wineries, and the re-discovered ancient agricultural usages, a lot of these old terraces have actually being restored and utilized again for wine-making.

The wines produced in this area, benefiting from the minerals of volcanic soil, are characterized by their unmistakable rich and dense flavour. You just have to choose the Etna winery you want to stop by; there, you will have some free time to walk along the vineyards, taste various kinds of wine and discover the traditional flavours. The vineyard visit and wine tasting are not included in the price.

If you don’t know which Etna wineries to visit, you can enjoy the Etna Wine Tasting all-inclusive guided tour.