The weather forecast is not always accurate, since there are many factors (such as the place where the tour runs, the altitude, the timing) to take into account. Generally, we check the weather updates until the very morning of the excursion and receive news and feedback from our partners who already are on Etna. There are different scenarios that can happen: 1. The weather will still be unstable: the tour will start as scheduled and, hopefully, you will perform completely or partially the excursion during a good-weather window. In case we will go to Etna but you won’t be able to start the tour at all, we will bring you back and will refund you or reschedule the tour. 2. The weather on Etna turns out to be good: in this case, we will start the excursion and any cancellation from your part will be considered as a no-show, therefore our cancellation policy will be applied In both cases, consider that the pickup time may be delayed of a few minutes (10 to 15 mins). 3. The excursion day we have the confirmation that the weather is too bad to perform the excursion: in this case, we will cancel the tour and you won’t incur any cancellation fee (if you left a deposit, we will refund you). May this be the case, we will contact you in the morning to cancel the tour (or reschedule it). In any case, as a preventive measure, we recommend bringing a change of clothes (including an extra pair of socks) and a jacket; in case of light rain, we will provide rain jackets in order to perform the excursion.
Of course. All of our tours include a meal (snack or lunch) based on local products and, in case of food intolerances, we will provide a suitable option. Nonetheless, we ask you to please inform us about any food intolerances when booking.
Although it depends on the reached altitude, as a rule of thumb we generally calculate 10 C°/ 50° F° lower than the temperature in Taormina. In wintertime, there will be snow and low temperatures. During summertime, the temperature could be warm to cool; a common condition of the summer season is the formation of temporary cloud banks in the afternoon, which can ultimately cause light rain.
Yes. We always suggest wearing your own shoes as you already know they fit well, although - since we understand that most travelers nowadays travel light and cannot bring trekking shoes with them - we offer the free rental of trekking shoes, jackets and walking sticks. In Wintertime we also provide snow shoes, neck warmers and gloves.
We operate pickups in Taormina and surrounding areas. We generally pick customers up in meeting points near their accommodation, when possible.
Depending on the chosen option, our trekking can last 40/45 minutes (Etna Summit Area - Top Easy), 1,5/2 hours (Good Morning Etna - Half Day and Mount Etna, Wine & Alcantara) or 5/6 hours (Etna Central Craters - Top Strong).
Our tours’ difficulty level varies in accordance with the chosen option; in particular, it goes from simple (Etna Summit Area - Top Easy) to medium (Good Morning Etna - Half Day and Mount Etna, Wine & Alcantara) to extreme/intensive (Etna Central Craters - Top Strong). Please note that we generally suggest participation in our tours to people in average health status.
Yes indeed. Since you are going to hike on a mountain, there are some activities that are strongly advised against, such as diving. Generally, experts suggest a surface interval of 18 to 24 hours between diving and ascending to altitude -- this is particularly true for our tours that get to 3000 meters and above, such as the Top Easy and the Top Strong, although it may still apply for tours that get to 1800/2000 meters (Good Morning Etna, Etna Wine and Alcantara, Just Hiking). We please ask you to strongly reconsider your participation in case you have dived in the 24 hours prior the excursion.
Depending on the chosen option, our tours get to 1800/2000 meters (Good Morning Etna - Half Day and Mount Etna, Wine & Alcantara), 3000 meters (Etna Summit Area - Top Easy), and 3300 (Etna Central Craters - Top Strong). Most excursions reach a maximum altitude of 2,000 meters. The tours aim to show the natural and volcanological aspects of Etna and the flora and fauna of the volcano. You will walk around extinct craters and admire the summit craters from different viewing points.
No. As the cable car is on the Southern Side of Etna, you will be able to take it only in the Etna Summit Area - Top Easy and Etna Central Craters - Top Strong options.
No. Although coming from an active volcano, the Etnean activity is not predictable nor continuous. During our tours, you will be able to explore ancient craters and ancient lava flows while immersed in nature (Good Morning Etna - Half Day and Mount Etna, Wine & Alcantara) or craters of the summit area (Etna Summit Area - Top Easy and Etna Central Craters - Top Strong). In case of eruption/volcanic activity, the summit area will be most likely inaccessible for safety reasons, so you will be able to see lava only in the distance.
Yes, the children equipment (car seat, booster, baby carrier) is rentable for free.
If you are staying outside the Taormina area, you can still join our tours. If you have a car, we will ask to meet us in an agreed point; if you can take public transportation, we offer the pick-up at the railway in Taormina-Giardini Naxos or the Bus Terminal in Taormina. In case you are interested in our excursions and come by cruise ship, please contact us, we will discuss together the most suitable option for you.
We will contact you the day before the tour to confirm the exact pick up details. Please note that we have multiple vehicles and that there could be more than one pickup by the same point. We will kindly ask you to patiently wait for the guide to call you by name. We alert you that, as respect towards the rest of the group, the guide will wait for you maximum 10/15 minutes after the agreed time and then leave; in this case it will be considered as a no show. In case of bad weather conditions we will contact you the day before the tour to consider the various options.
Cancellation is free of charge up to seven days prior to the excursion date. You can call us or write an email. In case of late cancellation or no-show on the tour day, we will apply our penalty and charge 50% of the entire amount (we will charge the credit card you have provided when booking or simply withheld the deposit you left in advance).
No. We use the credit card information only as a guarantee. You will pay cash at the end of the excursion, directly to the guide.
Yes. Children under 18 months are not allowed to participate in our tours. Also, in case of the excursion Etna Central Craters - Top Strong, children under 12 years cannot participate.

For further information, please contact us

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