Mount Etna North Transfer

Visit Etna North on your own

Would you like to visit Mount Etna but you’d rather do it on your own, without a guide? Our Mount Etna North Transfer might just be what you are looking for.

Our driver will pick you up by your accommodation or at a nearby point; he will then drive you directly to Etna North.

Etna North, with its pine forests all around, comes out as the wildest side of the volcano, therefore the most suggestive part. Passing through the villages of Piedimonte Etneo and Linguaglossa, you will have the chance to experience the authentic Etnean lifestyle; continuing the drive, you will then get to the fascinating naturalistic points of interest. 

Furthermore, the Mount Etna North is well known for its wine tradition; in fact, you will drive past several vineyards and wineries of some of the main Etna DOC wine producers. 

Once there we can suggest two different itineraries: 

The Monti Sartorius Trail is quite feasible for people of all ages that are in good health. Its starting point is at 1660 meters of altitude and its length is approximately 4 km.

It is the perfect itinerary to discover the most fascinating volcanic aspects of Mount Etna North; for instance, volcanic bombs, extinct craters, and deserts of volcanic ash are all part of this landscape. Also, here flora and fauna live in abundance.

Mount Etna North
Detail of Mount Etna North

Alternatively, the Trail of the 2002 Bottoniera (crater system formed during an eruption) is, instead, a bit more strenuous. Nonetheless, it will allow you to see the rest of the most explosive eruption of the last century; experts still consider it “the perfect eruption”.

At the starting point, you will have some free time to admire photos and videos of Mount Etna. You could also stop by a local shop to take a look at the several lava-made creations or grab a bite by a typical mountain hut; alternatively, you can stop in one of the wineries of the Etna North to enjoy a complete lunch paired with wine tasting.

Finally, in wintertime, on Etna North there is a ski resort to enjoy the winter sports.

If these facts about Etna have intrigued you, and you now want to learn more about Mount Etna North through a guided tour, check our guided excursions! Our guided tours on Etna North include half-day or full-day formula, hikes of different levels and many other features; choose the one you prefer: