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New Activity on Etna

Etna keeps on giving us a show with a new eruption which started last night, Friday, July 19, 2019. The “intense strombolian activity” comes from the South-East crater, which dominates the city of Catania. The local population talks about thunder-like rumbles and lava fountains.

Many witnesses also in Taormina, who gathered in some of the most famous panoramic points of the city, such as Piazza IX Aprile or the Greek Theatre (where the graduation ceremony of the University of Messina was taking place), all with their eyes turned towards the beautiful show.
The Etna Observatory of INGV in Catania points out that the volcano is“charged with energy”, and the high level of volcanic tremor is an unmistakable sign of it.”

The intermittent explosive activity at the crater of Southeast Etna” began on July 14th and has increased gradually, to the point where it produced explosions of incandescent material and puffs of volcanic ash. “There is no clear trend in this activity, neither increasing nor decreasing, and the magnitude of the volcanic tremor stands at medium low levels, the experts state.

For the time being, there is no sign of any impact on air traffic and on the activity of Catania airport, except in case of new, more intense explosive activity.

Our excursions, however, remain always active, especially those on the north side that reach 2000 meters, “Good Morning Etna” and “Etna, Wine and Alcantara”; for the “Etna Summit Area – Top Easy” instead, we are constantly keeping an eye on the updates about the activity, to establish the safest height to reach.