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Sicily in autumn: why choosing the island in this season

Some reasons why you should visit Sicily and Mount Etna in the autumn season

Sicily is one of the most favourites tourist destinations in Europe for people spending their holidays in Autumn.

Autumn is the perfect season for a trip to Sicily.

The first reason is that, despite some sporadic rains, the weather is almost perfect most of the time; it is generally sunny and not so hot as in summer. Especially in late September, but also in October, the temperature is around 25 Celsius degrees; it is therefore common to see people enjoy the seaside and the warm sunshine. If you are a sea lover, there are so many sites along the Sicilian coasts where it is possible to spend your vacation; from the enchanting beaches of the west coast located between Trapani and Palermo to the south-east white sandy beaches on the area around Siracusa.

Every place you will visit in Sicily in Autumn won’t be so crowded as it would have been in August; you can enjoy your favourite flavour of granita sitting at the fancy bar you prefer without the rush of leaving the table for the other awaiting customers!

Also, there won’t be any queues at the archaeological sites and museums – we listed some of the most visited sites in Sicily in this post – so you can enjoy them with more tranquillity without any crowd.

Moreover, since it will be low season, there is a high possibility of saving a significant amount of money, both for the flights and for the accommodations.

Mount Etna in Autumn

Sicily in Autumn - Mount Etna

What about Mount Etna? As always it deserves a separate mention. In fact, the volcano is like an island inside of the island because of its special environment.

Unlike the Sicilian coasts, it can be a little fresher on Etna due to its altitude. Furthermore, especially in the afternoon or in the evening, sudden rains and thunderstorms can occur; for this reason, we recommend a visit in the morning time.
In our post, we already listed our recommendations for the perfect outfit for a visit to the volcano in wintertime.
Autumn is maybe the best time to enjoy Mount Etna; first of all, the leaves on the trees changing colour offer a breathtaking view of beautiful shades.

Then, this is also the season of the most intense flavours that the volcano can offer; the chestnuts and the porcini mushrooms enrich the tables of the local restaurants. Autumn is also the period of the harvest and of the new wine; you can enjoy them both during a visit to a winery.

harvest - red grapes

Fresher air, rich flavours and enchanting colours: this is Sicily in Autumn!

Do not miss the chance to visit all its beauties!