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The White Lotus Sicilian Locations

If you are planning a trip to Sicily and you enjoyed  “The White Lotus” series, here is a little guide through the enchanting treasures of Sicily that brought the iconic settings of the TV series to life: a journey through Taormina, Cefalù, Palermo, and Noto.


Taormina: The White Lotus Luxury and Mediterranean Magic

Besides the alleys and the architectural beauties of Taormina, the main set was the Four Seasons Hotel San Domenico Palace, which embodied the exclusive hotel within the series. With its breathtaking location on a hill overlooking the Ionian Sea, this five-star hotel provided viewers with the opulent and occasionally controversial setting in which the characters’ stories unfolded. The lavish interiors and well-maintained gardens created an ideal setting for the characters’ stories, while the panoramic views added a touch of magic to it all.

The hotel has been awarded the “Virtuoso Best Hotel 2023” prize.



Beaches of the Sicilian Coasts

From the enchanting Isola Bella to Cefalù, the beaches along the Sicilian coasts played a crucial role in the series, offering stunning landscapes and an atmosphere of escape from reality. From sandy beaches to hidden coves, these locations added a touch of paradise to the unfolding drama, making the viewers dream of immersing themselves in the crystal-clear waters and basking in the sun.

what to see in Taormina - isola bella


Noto: Baroque Elegance and Symbolism

Noto, with its unique Sicilian baroque style, offered a visual backdrop of elegance and significance. The theatrical architecture of the town provided a captivating counterpoint to the tensions and dynamics of the series, creating a visual and cultural experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Palermo: Urban Life and Authenticity

Although much of the series unfolds in Taormina, important scenes were filmed in Palermo, the vibrant capital of Sicily. Palermo adds a dimension of urban life to the series. From bustling markets to picturesque streets, this setting captures the vibrant soul of Sicily and offers a fascinating contrast to the atmosphere of the resort.

what to see in Sicily

Mount Etna – The Majestic Beauty of the Active Volcano

The presence of Mount Etna, overlooking the region, added an element of dark allure to the series. Its majestic peaks and the lunar landscape surrounding it were used to create scenarios of excursions and adventures. This potent natural element intertwines with the narrative, symbolizing the strength and uncertainty underlying the characters’ lives.




In conclusion, the enchanting Sicilian setting played an important role into the distinctive atmosphere of “The White Lotus.” From Taormina to Cefalù and Noto, each town added a unique element to the narrative, enriching the characters’ experiences.

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