Transfer to Etna North and South from Taormina and nearby

Need a transfer to visit Etna on your own but can’t choose between Etna North or South? Choose both! With our transfer to both sides of Etna on the same day, you will be able to enjoy, take in and discover the many facets of our volcano.

Our driver will pick you up by your accommodation and will drive you directly to Etna.

You will enjoy the quietness and wilderness of the Etna North area, its nature trails, and the rich flora and fauna. You will reconnect with your senses as you look at the lush vegetation and, depending on the season, at the marvelous changing colors of nature; this characteristic nature trait of Etna is wrapped in ancient and more recent lava flows and extinct craters. These phenomena tell the centuries-long story of our “Muntagna”; you could decide to take a relaxing walk.

During the transfer to Etna, you could also consider stopping by an authentic Etna winery for a filling lunch paired with wine tasting. You will learn about the wine-making art and the Sicilian food traditions while sipping on a genuine, natural Etna DOC.

Transfer to Etna: Walking on Etna North
Walking on Etna North

Then you will move to the more hectic side of the volcano. During this transfer to Etna South, you will encounter many Etnean villages; you will see how the building style is highly influenced by the usage of lava stone. Going further up, you will also see the change in vegetation, until you will see nothing but volcanic desert. This is the typical lunar landscape that only volcanoes such as Etna can offer; the sensation of being on another planet will astonish you. Catching sight of the active craters, you will feel the energy of this wonder of nature all around you; if you are lucky, you will spot some smoke or a few minor explosions.

Optional: in order to go up to 2900 meters of altitude, you could consider taking the cableway/off-road vehicles service (price not included).

If you want to have more information about our Transfer to Etna North and South, just reach out to us!

If these suggestions have intrigued you, and you now want to learn more about Mount Etna, just have a look at our guided tours to the volcano! Our offer includes both full and half-day tours, with several difficulty levels. Choose the one suits you the most!