Typical Catanese Food

Sicily: land of sea, sun, culture, history, architecture and…food! If there is one thing Sicilians are proud of, it is the delicious and unmistakable cuisine of our land. Thanks to the extraordinary variety of the territory, a lot of tasty products grow in Sicily, which are also used in cooking for the preparation of exquisite dishes. A typical Sicilian would tell you that it is not just food, it is much more: it is a true feeling, those smells and tastes that are able to bring out memories and backwards in time, to a family lunch or an evening with friends…
We are also known for our hospitality and that’s why we love letting our guests try all our typical flavours, to leave an unforgettable memory of their holiday in Sicily.
The Sicilian cuisine doesn’t miss anything: from first courses to desserts… let’s discover together the typical dishes of Catania and province!

Street food
Whether you are in small village or in bigger city like Catania, bars where you can find the typical sicilian tavola calda are basically everywhere. It’s very cheap but really tasty and filling and you can either eat it on the spot or enjoy it during a nice walk. The most famous among the tavola calda is without a doubt the arancino: a simple fried rice ball filled with the typical meat sauce or pistachio, mushrooms, eggplants… you name it!
We cannot but mention pizzetta, a smaller and softer version of the classic pizza, cartocciate, cipolline and siciliane. You can’t say you have been in Sicily if you haven’t tasted these delicacies!

First courses
Italy is often associated with pasta. Every italian region has its typical pasta and Sicily is no exception! In fact, the products of our island lend themselves very well for the preparation of inviting first courses!
For example, if you combine tomato sauce, ricotta, fried eggplants and basil you get a pasta alla norma, a delicacy typical of Catania and province, whose name was inspired by the title of the homonymous opera of the Catanese musician and composer of the 19th century Vincenzo Bellini. Eggplants are also the main basis of another filling recipe, the parmigiana: layers of fried eggplant alternated with layers of mozzarella, parmesan, tomato sauce and basil. Forget about the diet and taste these dishes with us during our Etna, Wine & Alcantara tour!

What better way to finish your meal than a tasty dessert? If it is a typical Sicilian cannolo filled with fresh ricotta or chocolate cream it’s even better! In alternative, you could also taste a traditional and refreshing sicilian ice cream, which is considered one of the best in the world, or a granita, to taste strictly accompanied with a brioche!