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Updates About the Eruption of July 27th

The eruption that occurred a week ago wasn’t an isolated case. In fact, on July 27th, not only has the eruptive activity of Etna restarted, but a new fracture has formed at the base of the New South-Eastern Crater. As explained by some experts of the INGV, two lava flows issue from this fracture, one in the direction of the Southern slope of the volcano – that is towards the Barbagallo craters and Monte Frumento – and one southwestward.

As it often happens, the eruptive phenomenon is accompanied not only by roars but also by the emission of volcanic ash, which has mainly reached the areas on the Eastern side of the volcano.

The situation is constantly monitored by the authorities, which state and update various restrictive rules concerning the maximum reachable altitude by hikers.

We remind you again that our excursions “Good morning Etna”, “Etna, Wine & Alcantara” and “Sunset”, that take place on the Northern side of the volcano, are currently not subjected to changes and are led in completely safe conditions by our experienced guides!