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What to bring and wear for a trip to Etna

First time on a Volcano? Are you packing and not sure about what to bring for your trip to Etna? Here a little guide to help you to be ready for your visit to Etna.

What to bring for a trip to Etna in Wintertime

Besides the cold temperature, in wintertime on Etna, you can expect strong chilly wind and snowstorms. We generally recommend dressing warm and comfortable clothes. It is advisable to bring for your trip to Etna a coat or jacket, possibly wind/water-resistant; hat, gloves, and a scarf can come in handy. Regarding the shoes, a good pair of trainers can be enough, provided that they are waterproof and have a grippy sole. If you don’t have it, you can rent a pair of hiking boots once arrived on Mount Etna. 

What to wear during a trip to Etna in wintertime.
What to wear during a trip to Etna in wintertime.

It is always recommendable to wear a pair of thick and warm socks; it can also be useful to bring an extra pair, in case the ones you wear during the walk get wet. 

What to bring for a trip to Etna in Summertime

Even though in summertime the temperature can be pretty warm, it can be a little fresher on Etna due to its altitude. For this reason, we suggest you dress in layers in comfortable clothes; a pair of light long pants, a t-shirt and a light cardigan can be perfect. If you are planning to visit the mountain in the afternoon, we suggest you bring also an extra jacket.

With regard to the shoes, we strongly advise against wearing sandals and open shoes. In general, the guidelines of wintertime still apply: if you have a good and non-slip pair of trainers you can easily go.

What to wear during a trip to Etna in summertime.
What to wear during a trip to Etna in summertime.

General Tips

To complete your perfect hiking outfit, we suggest you bring for your trip to Etna a little backpack, with a bottle of water and anything you may need up there (for example, the inhalator if you suffer from mild asthma).
In the summertime, we suggest you bring to Etna also sunblock and hat to prevent any sunburn.

In general, here some good recommendations for all seasons:

  • wear comfortable and season-appropriate clothes and dress in layers;
  • bring an extra jacket;
  • wear a pair of sport or hiking shoes with a good grippy sole;
  • bring with you a backpack with anything you can need (water, sunblock).


If you are participating in one of our excursions, you can borrow all the hiking equipment you need; we include in the price the free rental of boots, jackets and walking stick. wintertime, snowshoes and gloves.


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